Compliance monitoring: confused, complacent or confident?

The last 12 months has seen a significant increase of regulatory focus of the automotive F&I market. This attention is not unique, across the board the FCA issued more fines than ever before. The pressure for compliance is on for motor retailers and in 2020, this will only increase with FCA changes due to be announced in Q2 and implemented before the year is out. The established motor F&I process and customer experience. Many dealers are already on the journey to change, but with the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) now in place, many senior business leaders are sure to want the confidence that their business is complying with the spirit and letter of regulation. So, what if...


• You could demonstrate complete oversight of your sales processes?

• You felt totally in control of risk management?

• Your business met all the requirements of the regulator?

• The idea of a touch-point with the FCA was a welcome thought not a headache?

• You had the management information that aided the early identification of risk?

• You had the evidence and management information that demonstrates you are doing it right?

• Your compliance partner spoke your language and supported your business?

• Compliance processes benefited your business and your customers?

• The future regulatory landscape was nothing to fear due to your positive compliance culture?


At i-Comply we work in partnership with our motor industry clients. We seek to  assist in developing both a compliance culture and monitoring programme within client organisations that fits comfortably alongside their own organisational directives and operations and adds value to current sales processes and performance.


Please note, a compliance culture cannot be achieved by a tick box sales process and generic documents; this just leads to complacency and heightened risk.



 If you are interested in a positive, experienced assessment of your current policies and processes contact our team using the telephone number or email address at the end of this page.


i-Comply will work with you to identify the gaps and risks that could leave you and your business vulnerable and provide an opportunity to build an adaptive compliance programme that is effective now and into the future.